Progress that saves lives

Doctors and nurses work each day to help people heal. No matter what the ailment is, each patient deserves the best possible treatment. Newline Interactive helps you connect better with your patients and discover new ways to help future patients.

Hospital turnover is constant. There are always new people, new procedures, and new medicines, creating the need for training. With Newline Interactive, all training materials can be in one place, so each time you need to teach anyone they have all the tools they need.

Patients want to feel comfortable with the people treating them and fully understand what is happening in their bodies. Newline Interactive tools let you show your patients exactly what is wrong with them, and makes it easier to engage and let them know what treatment they are receiving.

Timing is everything in the medical field. You need to know the issue with a patient as soon as possible. TruTouch’s high definition displays show everything clearly and let you work faster to heal injuries or other issues with each patient.

Each patient is different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from each of them. With Newline Interactive, you can watch and make notes on videos of different surgeries, look closely at X-Rays and make notes on the image, and discover ways other doctors and nurses help their patients.
Medical emergencies happen all the time. And in those moments it is more important than ever to know how to inform and help the community. When medical emergencies happen, being able to connect with other hospitals and doctors is crucial. Newline lets you connect with any device on any platform and find the right way to help everyone in the community stay safe and healthy.

Your purpose is to save lives. Our purpose is to make it easier for you.