Equipment to keep your community safe

Law Enforcement isn’t an industry you enter on a whim. You are driven by your duty to keep people safe and work towards a safer community. Newline Interactive is designed to make it easier for your department to know what it takes protect and serve the community each day.

Daily briefings are necessary to give the whole department the information they need, but sometimes officers need to be in the field. Newline Interactive makes it easy to share information from meetings with everyone with the touch of one button. Now meetings are shorter so your team can be where they need to be sooner.

Controlling the flow of traffic and safety of drivers is one of the most important daily tasks. You need to let others know the safest routes, and how to avoid traffic jams. Newline Interactive lets you collaborate with the whole department to decide the best ways to reroute drivers and keep the roads safe for others.

Newline Interactive is platform independent, making information sharing easier. It doesn’t matter what technology your department uses, you can share any necessary materials within the department or to other jurisdictions that might need it in order to protect others. Gather all the evidence for a case in one place, and share with any department that can help you find the bad guys.
Training takes a lot of valuable time and money your department could use for something better. With Newline, it is easier to present materials, annotate on presentations, and share new processes or information with the touch of a single button. Less time training means more time for your officers to do their duty.

In an emergency situation, you need to use any information available. TRUCAST lets every department connect and share information. Whether it’s looking over and annotating on a map to find a lost child, or knowing what to do in a dangerous situation, Newline Interactive lets you put an emergency operations system into one unit so each situation can be handled safely and successfully.

Newline Interactive is designed to make it easier for you to protect and serve your community.