Tools that help brainstorming

Established in 2001 in Perlis, Malaysia, University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) has now over 14,000 students and covers three permanent campuses.


The library of UniMAP has a special space called Student Brainstorming Room. The room is equipped with mobile/ flexible chairs where the students or participants can move freely in the room with different discussions and group of formation. The library wanted an interactive display for the Brainstorming Room instead of traditional projector or normal LED TV so that students were able to discuss in front of the display and use it as discussion board.


Newline’s 80-inch TRUTOUCH interactive display was installed in the Brainstorming Room with a mobile stand, along with the on-board computer OPS and wireless presentation device. Students or participants utilize the 10 points touch display using their fingers. Annotate on documents, write notes on discussion board, take screenshots and save the images in their USB drive or send them via e-mail. 


With the OPS, students are able to discuss any spreadsheet or other work processing files the contents can be amended on the spot with the available of soft keyboard. Present slides, videos and other materials from portable device or laptop PC also become easy with the additional wireless presentation device. The built-in speakers also make it hassle-free to play videos without connecting the external speakers or PA system. The TRUTOUCH functions as a 80-inch giant Pad in the room.

The set-up has created a very soothing and comfortable environment for meeting and group discussion. It has become one of the busiest rooms in the Library where students are queuing to use the room.