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Brings New Innovation to Education

For every educator, content has always been the key part of their educational program. A success solution relies on software application tools with versatile content and support from powerful hardware, to engage the students and expand their knowledge in interactive ways.

Newline Interactive identified the different needs and divided the interactive solution for K-12 education and higher education. At SIMO Education, which was held in Madrid, Newline demonstrated the solutions combining TRUTOUCH series displays and educational software mozaBook, OKTOPUS, as well as presentation software IdeaMax and UC software Montage to help students learn.

Education program in pre-school and K-12, in general, reply more on content to attract and engage students. mozaBook and OKTOPUS provide a great versatility of applications, 3D models, images, and interactive games designed for each program. Teachers are able to utilize the software installed on the TRUTOUCH FB series display to help class, increase interaction, and get students involved with fun. TRUTOUCH’s on-board computer enables teachers full access to their familiar Windows system. Embedded annotation tools allows users to draw, annotate on screen, website, documents, or any files.

On the other hand, TRUTOUCH X series and VN series are suggested to bring easy collaboration and communication for higher education sector. With aid of the UC software Montage, students and teachers are able to conduct wireless presentation and share files, no matter they are in-room or in remote locations. Real-time video and audio could also be shared easily with X series’ built-in cameras and microphone.

As the new technology keeps booming, innovation in the teaching methods follow. Newline arranged several sessions every day, invited speakers to the booth and presented. Miguel Ángel Azorín, creator of Flipped Primary (an App for Flipped Classroom) showed how Flipped Primary could help Flipped Classroom work flawlessly; Ramón Rodríguez Galán, School IT Coordinator shared useful educative Apps for classrooms; Belen Palop, University Professor, demonstrated programming with Scratch on the touchscreens. 

Fran P. Lobato, the artist was drawing on the TRUTOUCH X7.

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About SIMO

SIMO Education is a professional exhibition of education solution held annually in Madrid. With around +150 exhibitors in hardware, software tool, audiovisual, and publication sectors, SIMO Education attracts teachers from pre-schools, K-12, and higher education, also practice teachers to seek for the latest innovation.

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