Self-directed learning… made easy!
As an educator, your goal is to help others learn and engage
them in ways that expand their knowledge.
Newline Interactive provides tools that enable students
to learn with intuitive and communicative collaboration.
EXPLORE Newline's collaboration display bring your education to the next level.
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The TRUTOUCH X Series features a sleek, impressive look that combines advanced technology with elegance. With built-in cameras and microphones, everything you might need for a videoconference call is integrated in one single display. The non-proprietary nature allows students and faculty alike to quickly install and access their preferred software without limitations and connect using any devices. Communicate with grad students and experts all over the world with the powerful all-in-one UC system, TRUTOUCH X series make collaboration easy and efficient.
・ Built-in cameras and microphone
・ 4K UHD / Full HD resolution
・ Smooth and responsive touch technology
・ Available in 55”, 65", 70”, 75", and 86”
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TRUTOUCH VN Series is designed for an intuitive user experience that evokes inspiration. With responsive touch tech, 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution, and its non-proprietary nature, TRUTOUCH VN lets you collaborate on content better and easier. Everyone can use it without training needed with its’ intuitive design. Simply annotate on any content and screen, utilize whiteboard application in one touch, increasing interaction in presentations and daily lessons has never been so easy.
・ 4K UHD resolution
・ 20 points touch
・ Maximized viewing angle
・ Available in 65”, 75”, and 86”
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Lose the wires, not the connection. TRUCAST is a wireless presentation solution that allows you to connect multiple devices, from a laptop, smart phone or tablet, to an interactive display. Students can bring their own device to connect and share their screen to everyone in the classroom. Teachers can also pass control to a new presenter easily. Newline’s TRUCAST works just like a regular router but helps keep your connectivity both easy and secure.
・ Up to 64 users connection
・ Project up to 4 devices at once
・ Support Windows, Android, iOS, and Airplay
Software Solution Software for interactive presentation and collaboration.
Easy-to-use, no training necessary software for brainstorming and presentation. Included for free in most of the TRUTOUCH series display.
One year subscription for free included with the X series. Perfect UC software for remote and local meeting, as well as videoconferencing.
What People Say about Newline

"People here have found the X7 to be very easy to use – so easy that they often do not need assistance from local technical support. This of course means that those of us doing technical support like the X7 a lot!"
-Mark Baratta, Computing Director

Students and faculty alike could quickly access their preferred software and connect using any device they wanted. Their ability to communicate with grad students and experts all over the world with the powerful all-in-one collaboration system saved them time and money.

Collaboration and meeting efficiency increased inside the administration office using the TRUTOUCH X Series. Whiteboarding and video-conferencing was easy and intuitive, requiring little to no training.