Increase student engagement... made easy!
As an educator, your goal is to help others learn and engage
them in ways that expand their knowledge.
Newline Interactive makes it easier to keep students interested
during class with tools designed for better collaboration
and more ways to learn.
EXPLORE Newline's interactive display series that connect the whole class together.
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Take collaboration to the next level with a single impressive interactive display. With 4K UHD resolution that redefines clarity, your video and presentation can always catch students attention and keep them concentrated. Simply annotate on images, utilizes a whiteboard application and download any software you like on the device without limitations. The easy-to-use TRUTOUCH displays offered new opportunities for students to interact and engage with their learning on a digital scale.
・ 4K UHD resolution
・ 10 points touch
・ Optional Windows PC
・ Available in 65”, 75”, and 86”
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Upgrade your classroom or seminar room with the latest in collaboration. The TRUTOUCH FB Series interactive display combines cutting-edge interactive technology with a display that is easy for anyone to use. Take notes with your fingers or a pen during class as smoothly as interacting with a smart phone or tablet. With high-definition resolution, TRUTOUCH FB Series brings your presentations to life with clarity and move the daily lessons along easier.
・ Full HD resolution
・ 10 points touch
・ Optional Windows PC
・ Available in 65” and 70”
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Lose the wires, not the connection. TRUCAST is a wireless presentation solution that allows you to connect multiple devices, from a laptop, smart phone or tablet, to an interactive display. Students can bring their own device to connect and share their screen to everyone in the classroom. Teachers can also pass control to a new presenter easily. Newline’s TRUCAST works just like a regular router but helps keep your connectivity both easy and secure.
・ Up to 64 users connection
・ Project up to 4 devices at once
・ Support Windows, Android, iOS, and Airplay
Software Solution Software education solutions with various content and tools to increase interaction.
Expands your teaching tools with versatile illustration, animation and interesting presentation possibilities. Help to arouse students' interest and help acquiring knowledge.
Interactive presentation and collaboration software that offers 70+ subject specific tools for teaching. Work over any content or application.

What People Say about Newline

Now teachers are able to prepare exercises without limits, more accurate and focused on pupils ́ needs and expectations. The displays provide interactivity which engages kids and facilitates them learn faster. And of course, attractive content makes them pay more attention than traditional tools.

Under these conditions, the interaction between teacher and student has been implemented notably; allowing the information to flow better, in a more targeted way and encouraging the creativity and receptivity of students with a much more advanced and current pedagogical methods use.

The screens have been permanently incorporated on the walls of the eleven classrooms. School teachers use them daily, managing the interactivity and participation of students in the classroom at all times, having access to many more tools than they ever have before.